Wee Free Men\ Nac Mac Feegles


The Nac Mac Feegles are a Freeholding Clan under the Unseelie Accords.
They belong to neither Summer nor Winter.

These little men are the Nac Mac Feegles, who are rough and rowdy fae folk who speak with scottish accents. ( and they are blue)
They wield weapons made of silver, are incredibly fast, strong, and often drunk and totaly fearless.

These fae differ from regular pixies in some ways.
Firstly, the Feegles love of alcohol is legendary.
Second, they have no wings. ( instead they hijack birds)

High Concept:
Wee Free Man

Other Aspects
Insatiable Appetite for Alcohol

Superb (5) :
Great (
4) : Alertness
Good (3) : Athletics, Contacts, Deceit, Stealth
Fair (
2) : Presence, Rapport, Weapons, Endurance
Average (+1):

Most social and mental skills default to Average, the rest to Fair.

Ear to the Ground (Contacts): +2 Contacts when working the faerie info network.
Tough Stuff (Endurance): Natural Armor:1 vs. blunt trauma
Taking Flight: ( Athletics) +2 Roll on trying to hijack a bird.

Diminutive Size (-1) Effect:
Hard to Detect. You gain +4 to Stealth attempts to remain hidden.
Small is Big. Being small, you’re much better at picking up on very small details, gaining a +2 to any perception (Alertness, Investigation) rolls needed to spot them.

Inhuman Speed_ (-2) Effects:
Improved Initiative. Your Alertness is at +4 for the purpose of determining initiative. Athletic Ability. All your Athletics checks are made at +1, including dodging. When sprinting (see page 212), this bonus is increased to +2.
Casual Movement. Whenever moving as part of another physical activity, you may move one zone without taking the –1 penalty for a supplemental action (page 213).
Almost Too Fast To See. Difficulty factors due to moving are reduced by two when rolling Stealth.
Inhuman Toughness (-2)

Mental OOO, Physical OOOO (OO), Social OOO

The Catch: Iron


Wee Free Men\ Nac Mac Feegles

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